Professional Liability

Industry Experts

Brown & Brown Pacific Insurance’s team of seasoned professional liability experts consultants help identify exposures unique to your business. We understand the daily issues you face throughout the US and, in particularly, the international arena. We anticipate these various issues and respond quickly and accurately so you, in turn, can respond in the same fashion to your clients. Our team has significant long term relationships with US and London underwriters as well as legal defense counsel that specialize in professional liability.

Architects & Engineers

If you are looking for something different and flexible, and someone who understands and responds to your business model, our team of consultants are here for you. We have the insight to see the bigger picture while focusing on your day-to-day issues. We are responsive and accurate, and have been specializing in this class of business for over 45 years. We consult on a basis of the intimate knowledge and understanding of your business. We don’t sell, we consult and partner with you. We provide contract review services above and beyond the insurance and indemnification provisions found in “standard” industry- and owner-generated contracts. We provide tailor-made in-house seminars with numerous and relevant examples pertaining to your practice.

Law Firms

This market continues to evolve. The stability and long term commitment of several underwriters are not static. Additionally, with the advent of new exposures, new insurance products are necessary; if not a client requirement. Although network security and privacy liability insurance is now available, the policy forms are not consistent. There are several significant issues as to how this insurance does or does not “dove tail” with the firm’s professional liability insurance. We also provide in-house seminars.

Brown & Brown Pacific Insurance Offers You An Enterprise Approach

  • Strong relationships with national and international carriers allowing us to deliver a broad range of options for your insurance needs.
  • A dedicated claims department that negotiates with carriers on your behalf to reduce claim costs.
  • A cutting-edge client interface service platform.
  • Full portfolio of risk management service including contract review.
  • Tailor-made insurance policy coverage that fits your business needs and appetite for risk.
  • Surety expertise including effectively issuing and tracking all bonds needed to run your business.

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