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Safety First

We understand that loss control and prevention are fundamental to helping our clients be successful and reduce the negative impact that is associated with work-related injuries, property damage and potential exposure to guests. Because of this, we partner with the top safety professional consulting firm in Hawaii, Lawson & Associates, Inc., to provide high quality loss control and prevention services to our clients.


About Our Loss Control Prevent Programs


graphic-1Our loss control and prevention programs are based on the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems Z10 standard. This standard uses recognized management system principles in order to be compatible with quality and environmental management system standards such as the ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 series. The standard also draws from approaches used by the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) guidelines on Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) and from systems in use in organizations in the United States. This compatibility encourages integration of the standard’s requirements into other business management systems in order to enhance overall organizational performance.

We use the ANSI Z10 standard as an effective tool for continual improvement of occupational health and safety performance. We believe that an OHSMS implemented in conformance with this standard can help organizations minimize workplace risks and reduce the occurrence and cost of occupational injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

We work with our clients to develop detailed procedures, job instructions or documentation mechanisms according to their needs.


Figure 2 illustrates how the OHSMS requirements can enhance the approach to managing health and safety program activities (e.g., hazard identification and risk reduction). The circle in the middle of the diagram shows the OHSMS continual improvement cycle based on the recognized quality concept of “Plan-Do-Check-Act”.

The OHSMS cycle entails an initial planning process and implementation of the management system, followed by a process for checking the performance of these activities and taking appropriate corrective actions. The next step involves a management review of the system for suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness against its policy and this standard. The complete cycle is repeated, resulting in ongoing continual improvements in occupational health and safety. Improvements result from reducing hazards and risks in a systematic manner — a goal that is traditionally pursued through independent programs that often are not coordinated through common management principles and processes.

In addition to the direct benefits of improved employee health and safety, a management system can also yield positive business outcomes, including enhanced productivity, financial performance, and employee satisfaction. The management system approach is characterized by its emphasis on continual improvement and systematically eliminating the underlying or root causes of deficiencies.

Brown & Brown Pacific Insurance Offers You An Enterprise Approach

  • Strong relationships with national and international carriers allowing us to deliver a broad range of options for your insurance needs.
  • A dedicated claims department that negotiates with carriers on your behalf to reduce claim costs.
  • A cutting-edge client interface service platform.
  • Full portfolio of risk management service including contract review.
  • Tailor-made insurance policy coverage that fits your business needs and appetite for risk.
  • Surety expertise including effectively issuing and tracking all bonds needed to run your business.